Better Business Model Training

Posted on: Wednesday, 21 June 2017 at 1:57:33 PM



Better Business Model Training

9-12am on Tuesday 11th July 2017

Gateway Village


Limited to 25 participants

This open training combines innovation, education and action. This is relevant to commercial, non-profit and individual entrepreneurs: any venture that wants to innovate, reinvent their products and services, and find new markets. It will help you map, model, test and innovate your existing business model. The combination of immediately applicable tools, insights from peers, and expert facilitation will make it a worthwhile investment.

In this session you will learn and practice the following techniques using your own ventures as case studies:

  • Visually represent your business model for easy communication and reinvention,

  • Generate relevant ideas for new markets, services, or operational models,

  • Identify untested assumptions, new opportunities, and niche customer segments,

  • Low-risk ways to immediately action your insights: testing, prototyping and validation.

Participation in this workshop has had a significant impact on ventures in regional WA including: niche agricultural products, commercial healthcare providers, digital app developers, mental health social enterprises and environmental NGOs.

 Participants will receive:

  • Support from expert facilitators and mentors,

  • Templates and guides for use during and after the session,

  • Access to an online platform to continue the conversations and action,

  • Morning tea!

Participants should prepare by:

  • Consider the idea, challenge or innovation they want to focus on,

  • Be willing to share, collaborate, and take advice from mentors and other participants,

  • Have a laptop, notebooks and any reference material to work on your business model.


Early-bird until end of June

  • $60 non-members
  • $40 non-members nfps / community groups
  • $30 members

Normal pricing from 1st July

  • $80 non-members
  • $60 non-members nfps / community groups
  • $40 members

This training is part of the East Pilbara Incubator project has been made possibe thanks to the support of BHP, the Pilbara Development Commissions and Meshpoints.

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