Member Spotlight June 2022

Published on Tuesday, 21 June 2022 at 2:39:36 PM

Port Hedland Chamber of Commerce Spotlight on Hedland Emporium

What a fabulous business!

Des Malony is the owner of Hedland Emporium, and we asked Des what was the motivation behind the name? Hedland Emporiums name is akin with a business where a broad range of everyday products can be found, and how true is that! You can find literally anything you need in the Emporium.

Des’s favourite part about working and operating in Hedland is that he likes t help people get on with their lives and he likes to make people’s lives better.

Des has sixteen employees to help him run his business and offers a wide range of products including household furniture, office furniture, PPE, manchester, haberdashery, janitorial products, toys, camping, Post Office, Lotto and other general products.

When Des is not busy working, he likes to spend his spare time fishing.

The Emporium has been a member of the Port Hedland Chamber for the past 40 years.

Some of the major issues Des face’s in his business is getting good quality stock and selling it at an affordable price. Des sees the future as very bright as long as supply chains can be met.

Des then shared with us something that not many people may know, when he came to Hedland 55 years ago he wanted to be a fisherman or a farmer – no such luck but Des said he has made a lot of friends and is content with that.


Drop in today to pay Des and his team a visit.

Where can you find them?

2/4 The Esplanade Port Hedland

Phone 91732022


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