October Business Spotlight

Published on Wednesday, 3 November 2021 at 2:24:51 PM

For the October Spotlight of the month the PHCCI interviewed Kelly Howlett Chairperson For Care for Hedland Environmental Association

Care For Hedland is all about caring for our Hedland environment our aim is to connect people with our local environment. If you connect people with the environment, they are more likely to know what its’ needs are, how they can protect it and importantly be inspired to care for it.

Our logo is uniquely Hedland – mangrove, turtle and the 5 creek fingers (“Marapikurrinya – hand like) that makes Port Hedland harbour.

 We are so blessed to have this rugged, unique and special local environment. There is still so much to learn about, our knowledge is still growing and there is so much we can do to help.

 The special part in Hedland, is that even in the midst of the world’s largest bulk tonnage port, Hedland still has a stable population of threatened sea turtles. Flatback turtles that still nest and call Hedland home. This is amoungst the backdrop of some great Kariyarra rock art, in the limestone rock that fringes the harbour and creeks, these rock carvings today depict the connection to Hedland people have had with our local environment for over 10,000 years. Care For Hedland is doing our bit to continue that linkage of people to our Hedland environment today!

We currently have 3 fulltime staff, 1 permanent part-time and 18 casual staff. We are also soon to put on another 6-causal staff as Evening Guides as part of our Turtle Monitoring Program.

 At Care For Hedland we offer a general all round community environment group that does turtle monitoring, community gardening/organic food production, home sustainability, waste management, recycling, litter prevention, Containers For Change Program (Refund Point Operation for Hedland), participation in community consultative groups, environmental advocacy, information stalls and sells turtle and environmental souvenirs and products. 

When I’m not busy at work I really enjoy, growing veggies, camping, playing sport and volunteering.

Care For Hedland was formed in 2003 and we have been a member of PHCCI for over 15 years. One of the biggest issues we have in running Care for Hedland would be challenges around the costs of doing business and the costs of living in Hedland for our staff (especially the availability of housing and cost of rent).

The future of Care for Hedland looks very bright with further growth of our Programs and the expansion of our current areas of service. We would like to continue to get more residents, organisations and businesses involved and connected to our local environment.

 Here is a little something about me that you may not know - I am a qualified environmental scientist but have not had a wage from that endeavor since 2005. My entire time with Care For Hedland, now spanning close to 19 years, is and continues to be purely as a passionate volunteer.

For more information contact the team today


Phone: 0488 907 260

Containers for Change is located at

15 Moorambine Street, Wedgefield

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