September Member Boost

Published on Monday, 4 October 2021 at 1:23:29 PM

For September's Member Spotlight the PHCCI interviewed Claire Sobolewski, Founder and Principal Physiotherapist at Physiological Training.

The focus at Physiological training is not only providing the highest quality treatment, advice and rehabilitation; but also to empower individuals with the information and tools they need for future injury prevention.

Claire has been a physiotherapist for over 16 years, after graduating from the University of Sydney she worked at St George Hospital in Sydney, specialising in respiratory and emergency care. Following a sea change to Port Hedland with her partner in 2011, Claire started her own business, Physiological Training Physiotherapy.

Realising the need for individualised and professional fitness training in her new home town, she developed a passion to help local women and men not only get into, but also maintain their peak fitness potential with small group cardio training and Swiss Ball Pilates classes.
Ten years on, she has developed a strong reputation as being an exceptional therapist, motivator, trainer and speaker.

She opened her own Physiotherapy clinic in Port Hedland in August 2016 and provides health services to both individuals and local community businesses. Claire leads training and education sessions in person and virtually, coaching individuals and workgroups Manual Handling Training to understand the basis behind pain and injury management.

‘It is through basic understanding that people can be empowered to use techniques to manage their own pain, creating for themselves a pain-free life and avoiding the need for dependence on constant health professional intervention’.

Named ‘the anti-therapist’ by world-renowned author and life coach Tony Robbins (during a year-long self-development sabbatical with the entrepreneur in 2013), Claire’s passion for digging deep for the root cause of people’s pain and discomfort is the essence of her therapy technique.

We asked Claire what her favorite part of working and living in Port Hedland:
Port Hedland is a unique melting pot of individuals from all corners of the globe, with varied skillsets and work demands. Meeting so many new people and learning their story is a highlight of our work, as well as seeing the varied injuries that walk through our door – being in a remote regional area without specialist medical care at our fingertips, we become very accustomed to thinking outside the square. It’s a great way to build a wide range of physiotherapy skills! In recently opening our Reformer Pilates Studio, Pilates on Point, we are providing an exciting new service to Port Hedland that there is huge interest and demand for!

The team at Physiological training consists of 3 physiotherapists and 2 massage therapists who offer a wide range of services including Physiotherapy assessment and treatment, massage services, 1:1 personal training, Reformer Pilates training & Mat Pilates classes.

Claire has been a long term chamber member joining in  2011 as a way to connect and network with other businesses large and small.

One of the biggest issues Claire finds running her business in Port Hedland is managing the ebb and flow of clients, staff and of course the ever fluctuating expenses associated with getting supplies into town! Claire's vision is to keep their service prices fair and reasonable, as would be comparable with Perth or another major centre. This becomes really difficult when rent (both commercial and private rent for staff) prices are so dependent on other factors in town external to the business.

What does Claire see as the future for the business? We would love to continue providing a comprehensive health and fitness service to our local community and continue to be an example of the high quality service that should be expected from any health provider.

Haven't been in yet? 

Give the team a call today on 0417 488072 to book your appointment.

They are conveniently located at 1/6 Anderson Street, Port Hedland. 

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